Eva Busch - Stone Artist - Gallery


In private collection (NZ)

Made of dense, fine grained Mt Somers limestone

Mt Somers limestone comes from the South Canterbury foothills and in the past has been used for big architectural projects like the Old Parliament building in Wellington.

Today it is not quarried anymore and can only be found scattered in random shapes on paddocks on private land or some remote farms. Over many years the weather has changed its outer layer to a dark grey colour that creates a beautiful contrast to the cream-white stone within once a design is sculpted into it.

In contrast to quarried and cut stone (all white) where I can project my own ideas into it like onto an empty canvas this rock with its quirky shapes ‘speaks’ to me and ‘tells’ me what it wants to be. Certain lines evoke certain ideas in my imagination and I follow up on them. The individual shape and colouring of each rock also makes the sculpted result a unique, one-off piece of art.