Eva Busch - Stone Artist - Gallery

Supreme Award

In private collection (Switzerland)

Supreme Award (‘Myron d’or’) for “7, The Universal Cycles of Life” Made of hard French limestone (from Avignon) at an international sculpture competition at Lake Geneva, Switzerland (35 selected artists from 16 countries participated).

My inspiration for this creation covers a universal topic that is found in philosophies of various cultures, past and present. The deeper meaning of the number “7” can be found in many religions, legends, ancient scripts, art works, archaic and modern medicine as well as in modern science. Also, as humans – no matter where in the world, we all go through the same significant physiological changes in our lifetime in periodical steps : 0-7 baby/early childhood, 7-14 childhood/puberty, 14-21 young adulthood/ coming of age (also legally), etc. There is also scientific evidence that the body goes through 7 year cycles in the renewal of certain organs and when overcoming/healing certain illnesses like allergies.

My sculpture is a reflection of this and symbolizes these changes in one middle aged person’s life (mine), showing on the outside the static 7 slabs symbolizing 7 years each – starting from the top; the twist of the slabs reflect life lived. The untouched bottom block is the future, the life not lived/shaped yet.

In contrast to that, on the inside of “the ageing body” the wavy lines show the dynamic aspects of our inner world (emotions, dreams, experiences) throughout our life stages, starting on top with a big opening symbolizing a child’s non-discriminatory absorption of any information to the bottom of the inner world where –at a more mature age- less space is needed as one selects more wisely (hopefully) what one wants to experience.